Remote Working Tip for Arizona Claims Adjusters: Join the ICA Community Portal

Many of you are now remote working without access to copiers, fax machines and the mail room staff.There are some tools available to you that will make working remote much easier. Today, we will focus on a great new tool from the Industrial Commission of Arizona.  The new ICA Community Portal will allow you to create, sign and file State Forms online or upload forms you have generated.  When you submit the web forms, you will receive an electronically signed and file stamped copy in your email inbox that you can save to your file and serve on the applicant or applicant’s attorney. This is a new way to interact with the ICA. 

Step 1.Join the ICA Community and set up your portal access.

Here is a link to the ICA Community Portal: ICA Community Portal

As a new user, you join the community by requesting access to one of your claims:

After entering in a valid ICA Claim Number, you will see the following information request:

You may have to take a picture of your driver’s license/photo ID to upload to the site to verify your identity. You also may be asked for a business card or letterhead to prove association with your company.  

Here is a quick video on how to become a portal user: Video — Becoming a Portal User

Step 2. File your first ICA state form.

Once you are authenticated as a user, you will be automatically provided with the forms pertinent to you role.

Here is a video on how to generate and file state forms online: Video — Generate and File State Forms

Currently, the ICA is accepting inbound documents in one of the following ways:

  • Community webform
  • Community upload
  • Fax
  • Paper mail/hand delivery

Thus, we highly recommend you explore the Community options.  This will make your remote working more productive and your claims handling easier.

For additional information about the ICA Community Portal, please go to: ICA Community Portal Resources

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