Norton & Brozina, P.C. announces 2nd Annual Client Educational Seminar on July 13, 2018 regarding Arizona Full and Final Settlements.

Norton & Brozina, P.C. is holding its 2nd Annual Client Education Seminar focusing on the new full and final settlement process in Arizona. This will be offered as a live seminar or webinar for out of state participants. Please contact if you are interested in attending.

8:30 – 9:00 –  Breakfast hosted by Danestreet
9:00-9:45  –  Legal Framework, presented by Chris Norton & Rachel Brozina
9:45-10:30 –  Medicare Set-Asides and Cost Projections, presented by Chris Carpenter of Case Management Solutions
10:30-10:45  – Break
10:45-11:30  – Professional Administration of Medicare Set-Asides, presented by Marques Torbert & Karissa Hearn of Ametros
11:30-12:30  – Lunch hosted by Ametros
12:30-1:15  – Structured Settlements, presented by Lori Shipley of Arcadia
1:15-1:45  – The ALJ Perspective, presented by The Honorable Allen Shayo 

Biographies & Presentation Summaries
Legal Framework:
Chris Norton and Rachel Brozina will break down the important components of the full &
final settlement statute, and provide insight about mechanisms for “bringing the parties to
the table” to achieve a settlement.

Medicare Set-Asides and Cost Projections:
Chris Carpenter will educate the audience on how to protect Medicare’s interest when
terminating the Ongoing Responsibility for Medical (ORM) in a “full and final
settlement.” Under the Medicare Secondary Payer Statute (MSP) there is a duty to protect
and consider Medicare when settling the future medical portion of a claim, and the
government has defined a Medicare Set- Aside (MSA) as the preferred way to protect its
interest post-settlement.  Learn the “nuts and bolts” about MSAs, submission to CMS, and the
established guidelines so you can implement your ‘best practices’ for MSP Compliance.

Chris is the President of Case Management Solutions and she brings over 25 years’ experience
in the Workers’ Compensation and Liability industry providing sales, account management,
leadership, and operational oversight. Her diverse experience within the managed care
industry has allowed her to work with numerous insurance companies, third party
administrators and self-insured employers throughout the country assisting them in
developing cost effective claim management outcomes. In addition to providing complex
claim solutions, Chris also has eleven years of experience working with clients to address
Medicare Secondary Payer compliance. She enjoys working collaboratively building strong
client relationships and strives to bring value to her clients while ensuring quality in delivery
of all services provided by Case Management Solutions. Chris is a member of National Alliance
of Medicare Set-Aside Professionals. Chris grew up in the Chicago area, resides in Kansas City
with her family, and graduated Cum Laude from Illinois State University.

Professional Administration of MSA’s:
Marques Torbert and Karissa Hearn will discuss how professional administration of a MSA
benefits claimants and the payor, and the circumstances under which a MSA should be
professionally administered.

Marques is the Chief Executive Officer of Ametros. Prior to Ametros, he worked on Wall
Street as an investor, adviser and strategist within the insurance and business services sector.
Marques was previously the principal adviser to Millbrook, an Associate with Clarion
Capital Partners a middle market private equity firm, and an investment banker with Lazard
Freres. He has been instrumental in the sale and acquisition of multiple privately held
organizations within the claims solutions management and managed care industries.

Marques obtained his B.A. in Economics from Columbia University and his MBA from
Harvard Business School. He is currently on the Board of Directors of Ametros Financial,
and is also a member of the Board of Trustees for University School, a private K-12 school
in Cleveland. Marques currently resides in Boston with his wife Alexandra.

Karissa is Ametros’ Client Development Manager, with a strong passion for helping injured
workers directly. With 15 years of experience in business development and marketing prior
to Ametros, she is an expert in the workers’ compensation industry.

Karissa and her family reside in Phoenix, where they spend their free time enjoying
picturesque hikes through the Sonoran Foothills.

Structured Settlements:
Lori Shipley will educate the audience on what a structured settlement is and how it works,
and she will provide a real-life example of how a structured settlement can be used in the
settlement of workers’ compensation cases, including funding Medicare Set-Asides and
replacing indemnity benefits.

Lori joined Arcadia in 2006 and has been a Structured Settlement Consultant since 1999
when she was hired as an Assistant Vice President with Cambridge-Galaher. Prior to moving
into the structured settlement industry, Lori served as a Senior Staff Attorney with St. Paul
Insurance Company in Phoenix between 1997 and 1999. From 1988 to 1997, she was an
Associate and Partner with Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, PLLC in Phoenix, Arizona.

While Lori believes the bulk of her education has been gained through life experience and
guidance from wonderful mentors, she also remains a loyal alumna of the Fighting Illini at
the University of Illinois. Lori holds both a Juris Doctorate Degree and a Bachelor of Arts in
Liberal Arts and Science with a Distinction in Finance from the University of Illinois. She
received her Certified Structured Settlement Consultant designation from University of
Notre Dame and is a Certified Medicare Settlement Specialist.

The ALJ Perspective:
Judge Shayo will discuss what the ALJ’s at the Industrial Commission will be looking for in
determining whether to approve a full & final settlement agreement. He will also discuss
procedural issues and what will be addressed at the required hearing for unrepresented
injured workers.

Allen B. Shayo is Vice Chief Administrative Law Judge for the Industrial Commission of
Arizona. Allen has been an Administrative Law Judge at the Industrial Commission since
2011. He previously served as Chief Bar Counsel and General Counsel to the State Bar of
Arizona, and was the first Director of the State Bar Attorney / Consumer Assistance
Program (A/CAP). Allen was also Senior Attorney for the New York State Department of
State, and also engaged in the general civil practice of law as an associate and partner in the
Hudson River valley in New York State.

Allen and his wife Debbie also owned and operated a small business on San Juan Island, in
Washington State from 2005 – 2011, where he also served as County Code Enforcement
Officer. He is an avid photographer and a former Off-Ice Official for the National Hockey
League. Allen received his B.A. in Political Science from Marquette University and his J.D.
from Vermont Law School, and is admitted to practice law in Arizona and New York,
several Federal Courts, and the United States Supreme Court.