Training for Out-of-State Adjusters from the ICA

Good news for our out-of-state adjusters handling Arizona claims! The Industrial Commission of Arizona is launching a new and improved Out-of-State Adjuster Authorization Program. The new web-based training program provides a flexible way for adjusters to build on the training provided through the annual ICA’s Claim’s Seminar.

The training program will allow adjusters on-demand access to pre-recorded training webinars which will provide guidance and training relating to common issues faced by adjusters, including: (1) what to do when you receive a new claim notification from the ICA, (2) successful management of active claims (3) how to correctly close a claim (with or without impairment), (4) as well as other common issues.The new revamped program will provide an avenue for out-of-state adjusters to obtain or maintain certification to handle Arizona industrial claims from out-of-state. Additionally, the training will be available to the public as well as our local Arizona claims adjusters.

For enrollment, visit the ICA’s website at Participants must purchase current copies of the ICA Claims Seminar Manual and the Laws and Rules of AZ WC materials. After becoming familiar with the above materials and completing the training webinars, out-of-state adjusters who wish to obtain certification must pass a post-training test consisting of randomized claim handling questions and receive a score of 80% or higher. Once the above steps are completed successfully, the ICA will issue a written certificate authorizing the out-of-state adjuster to handle Arizona claims for a two year period.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding certification of out-of-state adjusters or the ICA’s new authorization program.

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